I Bought a Cheap Twin Turbo V8 BMW at Auction with a Strange Message on the Windshield


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I bought this 2000 Cadillac Crystal Coach Hearse at Copart Salvage Auction with Mechanical Damage. The bid was super cheap but in the end it ended up costing over $1000 to get rid of it. I also bought a Twin Turbo V8 BMW 550i with a locked up engine, I tried starting it anyway.
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  • Phil Shepherd
    Phil Shepherd4 måneder siden

    Hi Sam, as the hearse had a spare, why didn't you put it on?

  • Werner Danler

    Werner Danler

    12 dager siden

    @Phil Shepherd That's funny! Luckily I never had that happen when skydiving but you'd probably have about 2 seconds to decide before you hit the ground. Lol

  • Will McGregor

    Will McGregor

    25 dager siden

    DfhSufreDfhSufrehr gter ir g sjdh, que se le ha dicho a Zh e f kg, que se le puede h h k k teerskwdhdfts casa

  • Mike Hamila

    Mike Hamila

    2 måneder siden

    @Tim Fahrad I think he's mad cause he's 45 with a NOlocal account and only 8 subscribers..

  • SuperGoldnut


    3 måneder siden

    @IntrovertedOtaku It has that lug pattern as it's a 3/4 or 1 ton suspension

  • Phil Shepherd

    Phil Shepherd

    4 måneder siden

    @Tim Fahrad Thank you

  • Estgas Santana
    Estgas Santana7 timer siden

    You have YUNK YARD 👍🏻

  • SuperChief5
    SuperChief5Dag siden

    An LS swap would’ve been nice.

  • Mr. Gigi
    Mr. GigiDag siden

    Just get a wrecked car and use the engine.

  • Christian Saliba
    Christian Saliba2 dager siden

    Sammy Sammy Sammy that s a Shame :-). U had a perfect opportunity to ls swap that bmw And make it an mpower killer! :-( i would have loved to see it but rubber

  • MrWisebord
    MrWisebord3 dager siden

    Good video. Thanks.

  • Wayne Dawson
    Wayne Dawson4 dager siden

    You should of ls swapped it tuff mounts down here in Australia make everything for Ls swap every car we getting in to putting ls in our older cars but do all the parts you need just not mounts so you should go have a look

  • iTRY_ Mash
    iTRY_ Mash4 dager siden

    Hey Sam, wanna donate a car to me?👉🏽👈🏽🥺 i live in Botswana, Africa

  • Garrett Bennicas
    Garrett Bennicas5 dager siden

    How does this guy have a million subs? 🙄

  • Garrett Bennicas
    Garrett Bennicas5 dager siden

    3k is a rip off for transport

  • Garrett Bennicas
    Garrett Bennicas5 dager siden

    Started a car without the proper oil level? Sounds like a really dumb idea

  • Derek Lopez
    Derek Lopez6 dager siden

    Or maybe the starters just bad 😂

  • MLGmounted
    MLGmounted6 dager siden

    Swap to 3L turbodiesel

  • allpro 206
    allpro 20611 dager siden

    GoodLord u finessed that guy

  • Henry Lj
    Henry Lj11 dager siden

    I would throw a m52u cuz the steel block and add turbo and still have space!

  • Stefan Jankovic
    Stefan Jankovic12 dager siden

    Why does he buy cars for repair and the doesnt fix them? I am stupid or do i dont get it?

  • Werner Danler
    Werner Danler12 dager siden

    What I gather on the 550i, if the valve guides and seals are the problem, what good is a new short block? How long will that last before it craps out again? If BMW redesigned the guides and seals they should have done a recall to install them before the engine blew.

  • GavinTube
    GavinTube13 dager siden

    Raycon is as good as the Samsung beans

  • GavinTube


    13 dager siden

    Which is bad!

  • Ng Puay Seng
    Ng Puay Seng13 dager siden

    hearing Sam's fire beats tho

  • Jamie Pile
    Jamie Pile20 dager siden

    Next time you end up with a lemon leave it in one piece and advertise that the customer strips what they need then pay you 😁

  • DutchManticore
    DutchManticore20 dager siden

    3k for this?! I mean you could sell the parts easily for more than that right.

  • Jay M.
    Jay M.21 dag siden

    :O A Santa Fe?! That’s what my grandpa’s Santa Fe exactly looks like!

  • balzak 072
    balzak 07221 dag siden

    Why all ways people in America whining about bmw's not trustworthy lol

  • Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley22 dager siden

    Your a fucken Biden supporter

  • It's Novas
    It's Novas22 dager siden

    These cars can be unreliable if not taken care of well. I owe a 14 550i tuned to make just north of 600 to the wheels and i’ve never had any issues.

  • Zach Foster
    Zach Foster24 dager siden

    Just put an LS in it

  • Smita
    Smita24 dager siden

    IT's totally worth it to look for as much as possible original-used parts for the hearse, from one of the car junkyards, and also some would be new parts (aftermarket or OEM), but once sorter out, you end up with kind of modern hearse, if you have a funeral service business. In this case, you invest, in a car where a frame damage is scary, so it you work this, andmanage to have it nicely sorted for 60% of the used retail, you are a champ. You don't worry about demolished value, as you buy to serve, and if it has been working 5 years when you decide to to sel it, you will give the VinWiki story, so byer know he is getting an old, but a daily driven car, which is a goodsign it keeps on working, with regular maintance.

  • Bill Richardson
    Bill Richardson27 dager siden

    What actually failed on the engine?

  • Khalid Vahed
    Khalid Vahed28 dager siden

    Hi sam with didnt you keep the 550i

  • Gary Bentley Sr
    Gary Bentley SrMåned siden

    I would put a LS make it worth more

  • Mac Coolmac
    Mac CoolmacMåned siden

    Did you check the engine ground. It will not start unless you put the jump box ground on the engine itself. It happened to me on a 335i.

  • Ryan Brandsen
    Ryan BrandsenMåned siden

    Just wondering where I can find sams listings

    AKA FACEMåned siden

    You know how many souls have been in that car he’ll no stay away

  • Aleksandar Petkovski
    Aleksandar PetkovskiMåned siden

    Well that is pretty cool thing going on there. I hope on success and anyone who will buy any of the cars you fix hope on a long keep after that.

  • Smokingmonke91
    Smokingmonke91Måned siden

    Rap... Just don't and I'll stay subscribed XD JK love your videos. Glad subscriber here.

  • News that matter
    News that matterMåned siden

    Not a single reliable vehicle out if the 24.

  • TheMan TheLegend
    TheMan TheLegendMåned siden

    Ls swap it.

  • Nothereal Groot
    Nothereal GrootMåned siden

    Can't find this type of content anywhere else ..

  • jay l
    jay lMåned siden

    There is . The truck driver committed a preventable incident.

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex CooperMåned siden

    should’ve checked if the starter was bad on the 550i

  • Kenneth Yeung
    Kenneth YeungMåned siden

    Rip, n63 motor will blow up right after a rebuild

  • Jason Terry
    Jason TerryMåned siden

    LS Swap the BMW

  • Steve C
    Steve CMåned siden

    I would pull the crappy BMW engine from the car and put in a good Toyota engine!

  • Dennis V
    Dennis VMåned siden

    Is the car in this video a luxury line? I would prefer this look over the M sport package. I really like this car and I'm thinking about buying a manual f11 520i later next year

  • BlueMoonPanther
    BlueMoonPantherMåned siden

    Samcrac i can get you 10 times the 4k you got out of your BMW ... Are you interested ?

  • greg h
    greg hMåned siden

    bottom line is, if you're not going to do the mechanical work yourself and have to use a shop, you have no business bidding on these cars. That bmw would have been an easy flip for someone with mechanical ability

  • Ronald Reed
    Ronald ReedMåned siden

    The writing on windshield is not uncommon, many buyers try to dissuade bidders by sabotaging the vehicle in some way. Writing on it is easier and cheaper than actually screwing with the car in some other way.

  • Rocky Hustler
    Rocky HustlerMåned siden

    Penzoil isn't cheap oil

  • Rocky Hustler
    Rocky HustlerMåned siden

    Oh wow so sexy earbuds.

  • jewel smith
    jewel smithMåned siden


  • tstokman2
    tstokman2Måned siden

    I’m an ex BMW mechanic and I would definitely say Don’t rebuild the 5 series engine, the cilinders are coated by a special laser that makes really tiny ridges is the cilinders. This motor is done . Just put an new engine in it

  • tstokman2


    Måned siden

    With ecu and also let it be programmed by the bmw dealer

  • Isaiah McGill
    Isaiah McGillMåned siden

    Hey Sam have you heard of "limp mode" for mercedes ? My CLK is currently in that mode and don't know how to fix it.

  • Ali Sikandar
    Ali SikandarMåned siden

    Help me to get a car

  • kissatkoiria
    kissatkoiriaMåned siden

    adverts after adverts after adverts

  • Rail Faner
    Rail FanerMåned siden

    Imagine if the hearse had the emergency tailgate release.

    ADOENDRAMåned siden

    BMW is not what it used to be !

    HOONSTARSMåned siden

    My F10 528i fuel pump blew on the high way while going like 70 in the far left lane in LA traffic. Had to pull over real quick, car wasn’t responding at all. Needless to say, I definitely pissed myself that day.

  • John Patsan
    John Patsan2 måneder siden


  • dax gulliver
    dax gulliver2 måneder siden

    Could you engine swap?

  • Cuzzer55
    Cuzzer552 måneder siden

    That’s so sad the BMW looks really nice at least 😭

  • Sam Fadel
    Sam Fadel2 måneder siden

    It will be a great pickup project

  • PickupGrey
    PickupGrey2 måneder siden

    thats not led headlight its adaptive xenon

  • garry davis
    garry davis2 måneder siden

    Sam and his behaviour is in Ireland 🇮🇪 the crack and simply just like smoking it too much with car obsessed behaviour ever selling headphones

  • Hoi Hey hoi
    Hoi Hey hoi2 måneder siden

    Wow 2700 real in holland 15k

  • Jesse Robertson
    Jesse Robertson2 måneder siden

    Throw a Chevy engine in it 😂😂

  • Gavin Goode
    Gavin Goode2 måneder siden

    Did you sell Rich The Audi with the snakes and frogs in it ?

  • Miki Miki
    Miki Miki2 måneder siden

    Yeah that’s first year of f10 2013 and up a lot of thing BMW improved

  • Julio Palma
    Julio Palma2 måneder siden

    How much for the black VW in the back

  • gcmc2 gcmc2
    gcmc2 gcmc22 måneder siden

    Sorry - I see you corrected to shortblock. I was going to say at $3000 for a brand new longblock you should buy 2 - one for this one and one for the next one !

  • gcmc2 gcmc2
    gcmc2 gcmc22 måneder siden

    So $3000 must be a short block. Long block normally included heads.

  • Jack Dalson
    Jack Dalson2 måneder siden

    BMW twin turbocharged engine is a mistake

  • ionut buga
    ionut buga2 måneder siden

    I give you 2500 US dollars for the 550i and i will rebuild the engine, here in my country.

  • Gytis Stepo
    Gytis Stepo2 måneder siden

    “YoU cAn MaKe M5 pOwEr NuMbErS wItH a TuNe”. Yea, sure, go ahead lol

  • Will E.
    Will E.2 måneder siden

    When he sells parts he lists them at 1000 for lights 2000 for grill 3000 for wheels. But when he buys he pays 30 bucks 70 bucks 90 bucks. Hmmmm

  • Jordan Little
    Jordan Little2 måneder siden

    The BMW could have been a amazing donor car

  • E H
    E H3 måneder siden

    Darn.. you could have put a cheap 350 crate motor in it. That would be good for a laugh

  • james James
    james James3 måneder siden

    Before you buy a used BMW please ring Hoovie first!!!!

  • Manuel Martinez Romero
    Manuel Martinez Romero3 måneder siden

    Not a twin turbo.. 👍👍👍

  • Marc D
    Marc D3 måneder siden

    That ad was painful 😣

  • David Hunton
    David Hunton3 måneder siden

    I swear I could smell something in the back of that herse

  • haystak1
    haystak13 måneder siden

    Why didn't you turn the crank to make sure it was siezed?

    THE FLUFFY RABBIT3 måneder siden


    THE FLUFFY RABBIT3 måneder siden


  • Radu Malica
    Radu Malica3 måneder siden

    so basically a video about nothing

  • mark .m
    mark .m3 måneder siden

    The 5series is a nice car

  • mark .m
    mark .m3 måneder siden

    Great time for buying that hurst !!

  • Help me reach 100 subs with no videos !
    Help me reach 100 subs with no videos !3 måneder siden

    Tyler and Samcrac, brothers from an unknown mother!

  • AndreikC2
    AndreikC23 måneder siden

    Should’ve 2JZ or LS swapped the BMW. I would’ve

  • peterdaniel66
    peterdaniel663 måneder siden

    Amazing that even today Manufacturers still put the estimated lifetime of a motor at 100-150K. When it says lifetime fluid for example, it means its supposed to last 150K.

  • peterdaniel66
    peterdaniel663 måneder siden

    I guess even the engine in the hearse was "dead" ?

  • Jim Patrick
    Jim Patrick3 måneder siden

    Hey guys, I’m Sam Idontfinishanyofmyprojects Crac.

  • Ruben Melo
    Ruben Melo3 måneder siden

    Serious question, does Sam fix anything anymore? Sometime during the first focus series I think he gave up and just does "Update" or "will this cheap fix work" video

  • wayne khumalo
    wayne khumalo3 måneder siden

    Sam says everything you can possibly load in the hearse and slide on the rollers... Except the one thing it was meant for...

  • I F
    I F3 måneder siden

    Twin power turbo, not twin turbo... so dumb.

  • Cthis
    Cthis3 måneder siden

    what's the point of having 400 dead horses?

  • CRAPO2011
    CRAPO20113 måneder siden

    Hmmm now I see why 550i s are rare just like early e60 545i are

  • CRAPO2011
    CRAPO20113 måneder siden

    Dts deville dont seem to hold up to fleet use, many had trans failures, electrical issues and the classic northstar issues.

  • EpicLedger LLC
    EpicLedger LLC3 måneder siden

    I have one of these beautiful and unreliable beast but a 2014 model with the updated look, ie. updated LED headlights, iDrive, etc. No problem so far, love the drive but I know it's a timebomb before the engine blows up, so thinking of letting it go end of year. Any recommendation on where should i let it go? I know the dealership will definitely slaughter me but would selling it to carvana but a good idea?

  • EpicLedger LLC
    EpicLedger LLC3 måneder siden

    samcrac, good thing you're a youtuber, you won't make much as a rapper... LOL

  • LordChameleon
    LordChameleon3 måneder siden

    Thumbnail asks will it run & drive? Um...it's a BMW, so no.